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Frequently Asked Questions

First Things First

What areas do you serve?

Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Lomita and Palos Verdes.

What services do you offer?

Private dog walking, cat and other animal visits, boarding in a sitter’s home in-home overnight sitting, medication administration, hotel visits, and more. Our visits include a walk, fresh water, feeding if requested, treats, cleanup of pet accidents, playtime, lots of attention, mail retrieval, plant watering, and trash disposal. 

Can you administer medication to my animals while I am away?

Yes, as long as your pets do not pose a threat to the sitter. When you first contact us, be sure to let us know of your pet’s individual medicinal needs so we can provide you with the proper staff member who is able to administer them. Additional fees may apply for these oral and topical medications.  We do not administer injections.

What kind of pets do you care for?

Our sitters have a wide range of experience with dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish and birds. 

What days are you available to take care of my pet?

We provide dog walking and pet sitting services seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Do you guarantee a time for dog walking or pet sitting?

We do our best to visit your pet(s) in a time-frame we’ll discuss at the consultation. Typically we will provide you with a two-hour window to take into consideration other visits, traffic or weather conditions. However, if a pet is on medication or has other issues that we need to consider, please share this at our consultation so we can make the necessary accommodations.

Why is in-home pet care better than boarding my pet?

Dogs and cats may have a good time socializing with other pets, but they also long for the comfort of their own environment with familiar sights, sounds, and smells. Sometimes a pet can suffer from separation anxiety, and have a stressful time in unfamiliar territory. This is ideally more beneficial for senior pets, pets that have not been spayed/neutered or are not well socialized. There’s just no place like home!

What is your policy on pet sitting and dog walking when the weather affects visitations?

As long as the weather does not pose a threat to either the pet sitter or the pets, we will certainly stay on schedule to ensure proper care during scheduled visitations. It’s plausible due to weather (i.e. heavy rain or extreme heat conditions) can potentially delay scheduled arrival times. We will do everything we can to keep both your pets and the assigned sitters safe. When such weather conditions (including extreme heat) occur please understand that your dog’s walk may be shortened to only allow for a quick potty break, and leaving towels out to wipe down a wet pup during rainy seasons helps keep your home clean. The sitter will always stay with your pets for the duration of the scheduled visit, rain or shine.

Do your dog walkers take my dog off-leash during their walk?

In accordance with CA State Laws and for the safety of your dog, Walk N Roll does not offer off-leash dog walking. Dogs may, however, be off-leash in the privacy of their own yard or secured area on property.

How do I schedule pet care services? Can I meet the person that’s going to be watching my pet?

To request pet care services, visit this link to get started.**Input link to take to website reservation** At that time we’ll talk about our services, our policies and we’ll set up a consultation if you’d like to book services. Usually, we estimate 30 minutes to go through everything. When you hire sit-stay-play, any of our awesome pet care professionals can work with your pet(s). You can request a one-on-one meeting with any of our pet care pros for the price of a regular pet care visit.

Why do I need to give a deposit to confirm my reservation?

We require all clients that are booking a reservation (boarding or in-home care mainly). This ensures that this is a solid reservation and we will place your pet on our calendar.  All final payments are due within 3 days of the provided service.

Why don’t I ask my neighbor/friend to pet sit for me?

I can ask my neighbor or friend to take care of my pet” this is a sentence we hear from many people. Would your neighbor/friend know what to do in an emergency? Could you ensure your pet is receiving lots of attention, along with daily walks, playtime, hugs and kisses? By using a professional pet sitter, you are ensuring your pet will be given the best care possible. As professionals, we are prepared for emergencies and we take precautions to ensure they are safe and not exposed to any situations that could cause them to become ill.

What if I need to cancel my services?

We understand that situations may change and it might be necessary to add or remove services you’ve already booked, in those cases, check out our cancellation policy page.

Do you charge a holiday fee?

There is an additional fee over all major national and religious holidays as well as three-day weekends. Walk N Roll will let you know of the applicable fees when you book your service. This helps ensure your sitters remain available for you during popular travel times.

What methods of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards and Venmo.

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